Privacy Statement

TechCity Canada is dedicated to the information and documentation security of all customers. Personal and non-personal information collected is used in the most professional manner. All personal information (such as name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, account information, etc.) is kept in the stickiest confidence. All non-personal information (which is information that does not identify the user, such as your IP address or browsing information) is taken strictly for statistical and customer service purposes but does not retain the customer’s identity.

Confidentiality of Information

Personal information will only be released to process your order and will follow a very secure code. When you place an order, your name, credit card number and purchase quantity will be released to your financial institution for authorization. If there are discrepancies with this part of the process, your order may not be processed. Your name, address and telephone number will also be given to shipping companies/suppliers in order to facilitate efficient delivery of your product. Personal information may also be released in necessary cases, such as to your credit card institution, suppliers and warranty providers. These parties will also be bound by our confidentiality regulations.

Please note that we may release personal information if mandated under the Canadian Information Act, such as in the following cases:

  • When personal information is required by a certified legal authority
  • For the purposes of combating fraud or other unlawful activity
  • In response to court orders or subpoenas
  • To our personal legal representative

Regarding non-personal information, IP addresses or browsing information will not be individually released. This information will be treated as a group and collectively studied for statistical purposes only. Information about shopping preferences may be catalogued to provide more appropriate service to the customer but will also not contain the identity of the buyer. All questions regarding this Privacy Policy should be directed to


  • TechCity Canada does not take responsibility for third-party links that are available from our web page or the information this link gathers. Please install appropriate software to combat any changes these links may make on your computer.
  • Third Party links or advertisements on our web-page may present messages that do not necessarily represent the views of TechCity Canada.
  • TechCity Canada maintains the right to modify this policy at any time. It is the responsibility of the buyer to review this policy occasionally to ensure proper conduct.
  • This policy is binding upon both TechCity Canada and its customers.
  • TechCity Canada reserves the right to cancel an order if information provided is lacking or incorrect.

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